Service Packages

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Service Packages

Service Metrics Premium Regular
Attended Support 24 x 7 x 365 8 Hrs, Mon to Fri 9 AM to 5 PM
** Emergency Phone Support Yes Yes
*** Monitoring
1)Basic Database Health Checks Yes Yes
2)Space Monitoring Yes Yes
3)Growth of objects in terms of Rows, Extents, HWM, Bytes

  • Table
  • LOB
  • Index
  • Clusters
Yes Yes
4) Failed scheduled jobs Yes Yes
5) Check for disabled triggers, Invalid objects. Yes Yes
6) Check for objects which cannot extend Yes Yes
7) Check chaining on regular basis Yes Yes
8) Tablespace monitoring

  • Free space
  • Fragmentation
Yes Yes
9) I/O Yes Yes
10) Distributed transactions and snapshot processes Yes Yes
11) Activity Level

  • Log switches
1) Check trace files, error messages, invalid objects, alert, Log. Yes Yes
2) Connectivity issues. Yes Yes
3) Check for backups. Yes Yes
4) Monitoring rollback segments.
5) Locking issues
1) Application tuning

  • Large objects which required to be pinned
  • Checking for block corruption
  • Identification of SQL consuming maximum IO/ memory/ CPU
Yes Yes
2) Database tuning Yes Yes
3) Database reorganization

  • Recreation of database
  • Rebuilding objects
4) Support for upgrades Yes Yes
1) Audit Yes Yes
2) Setup and installation of Backup and Recovery software Yes Yes
3) Database creation Yes Yes
4) Security

  • System Audit
  • Resource planning
Yes Yes
5) Object creation Yes Yes
Additional Services
1) Design and implementation of a backup strategy which may include

  • Failover/ Standby database setup and maintenance.
  • Implementation of net backup utility (Veritas).
  • Implementation of rman.
  • Hot backup using archive.
Yes Yes
2) Export backup Yes Yes
3) Database recovery Yes Yes

** Contact
numbers, emails shall be provided to get in touch in case of emergency.

*** Monitoring
reports will be provided on regular basis / as per demand.

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Service Packages

Attended Support, Emergency Phone Support, Basic Database Health Checks, Space Monitoring
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