Product Development

Ideation to launch & maintenance

Product Development

At Wisdomleaf, we have dedicated teams that can help with new product development using the latest suite of technologies with strong focus on quality, user experience and intuitive design

Services Offered

Mock-ups and Prototyping

The team at Wisdomleaf can support you in product development by building a mock-up or prototype which could be a precursor to a bigger build or the eventual product. The mock-up or prototype helps early customers understand the product and serves as a sounding board for all purposes.

Proof of concept or POC

A proof of concept is particularly useful in the early stages lf the product development as potential customers and investors see a working model of the eventual product being planned. The product can be modified based on customer feedback and all risks involved in the final product development are anticipated better. In some cases the client may use the prototype to make a Go/No Go decision.

Example of Product Development

Genamet is a new generation Practice Management software for doctors. It comprises of the following:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Providers can maintain patient records electronically while working on highly customized specialty specific templates. Doctors have access to the CIMS drugs database.

  • Appointment booking and scheduling
  • Patients can book appointments online. If patients prefer they can also call the Practice and book appointments on the phone. Having the online booking feature improves patient satisfaction and practice efficiency.

  • Patient portal
  • Patients do not have to maintain paper trail of their medical records as this is available electronically. Patient care is thus taken to a new level.

  • Practice Management
  • Doctors can practice anywhere and anytime using Genamet which is a HIPAA compliant, cloud based SaaS software.

  • Reports & Analytics
  • Insightful reports are available to providers which help not only in improving patient care and outcomes but practice efficiency and productivity.

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At Wisdomleaf we support in ideation, system architecture, design & development, QA, ongoing development & enhancements,
and training/transfer.


Chatbots are self-learning and are good at sensing natural language utterances. They could be Collector and Helper Chatbots. The chat framework comprises of the Agent which helps with Natural Language Understanding, intent or mapping between what a user says and the action taken where each intent can be triggered by multiple phrases, response or valid text responses depending on the parameter given as input and fulfilment involving the deployment of API or webhooks. A well-defined Chatbot strategy involves seamless implementation and a clear goal definition for customizing and making the Chatbot intelligent.
Samples of Chatbot implementation:

Samples of Chatbot implementation:

"I realize you are terribly busy. Thanks. You are doing "one hell of a job" …. Which means your work has been superb! Additionally there is a bit of java magic we need from the master"

"The problem when you keep doing such a good job on these, is that people keep coming back and asking for more !! "