• Build a brand new responsive website
  • Migrate database from MySql to Oracle with no data loss
  • Ensure smooth rollout
  • On going change request tasks and maintenance and support

Process followed

Process followed

We used Agile Software Development methodology and worked closely with the client for migration and on-going application support. Every week we send weekly status updates to client.

We followed the following development process for the AnimationBase Website migration

  1. Requirement gathering & Analysis
  2. Functional Specification / Design document creation
  3. QA – test cases preparation
  4. Design and development
  5. QA testing
  6. Pre-migration Release
  7. Client Review
  8. Multiple migration cycles/runs were done to ensure data consistency
  9. Migration 1
  10. Release
  11. QA testing
  12. Client testing
  13. Migration 2 .. migration n
  14. Live Release

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

The requirements are received from client via email or ticketing system.

Functional Specification / Design document Preparation

We create the functional specification document and send it the client to review. Only after it is approved by the client we start the next process which is the preparation of the technical design document and schedule.

Design and Development

Web design/development tasks were done based on the schedule. Peer code reviews were done and reviewed.


We follow the below QA process

  1. Create test cases based on the requirements
  2. Test cases reviewed by QA Manager
  3. Test on Staging environment after every release is made
  4. Test Report is shared with the Development team
  5. Once issues are fixed retesting is done to confirm
  6. Smoke testing on LIVE release and report is sent to client

Pre-migration Release

First release on the staging environment was made before migrating the database and link shared with QA.

Client Review

After getting the go-ahead from QA, the link was shared with the client. Client came up with suggestions/change requests which were incorporated into the project plan.

Data Migration

Migration scripts were written to migrate all the data from MySQL to Oracle database with no data loss.

Post-migration releases

There were several post-migration releases which were tested by QA on all browsers and devices. Client also tested every release on the Staging environment and Live release was made only after the client gave the go-ahead.


PM prepared a detailed release plan which was shared with the client. On approval and confirmation from all stakeholders, final migration and the live release was made. A thorough round of testing was done by QA post migration before the link was shared with the client.



The end result is a brand new design, efficient and responsive website that works seamlessly with more functionality just three months time.

The most challenge was migrating existing data from mySQL to Oracle, it help existing customer to access their data without fail in the new site.


Benefits’s mobile web experience offers its users quick and easy access to profile and applications. This seamlessly smooth journey was made possible by a team from Wisdomleaf working closely with business stakeholders.

Post migration, paid member subscription increased sharply.

Some recommendations made by Wisdomleaf that contributed towards the success of the project include:

  • Recommended responsive site to enable the site to be accessed from all mobile devices
  • Iterative development, thorough test coverage and weekly showcases to accommodate changes during development.