• Application support and maintenance
  • Technical support to sales and marketing team
  • Email / Skype call communication support.

Process Followed

Process Followed

We use Agile software development methodology and work closely with the client.
Project Development process is outlined below:

  1. Requirement gathering
  2. Impact Analysis
  3. Task Plan/Schedule
  4. Approval
  5. Design and development
  6. QA testing
  7. Release

The requirements are received from client via email or ticketing system. There are two type requirements

  • Change Requests
  • New development

Impact Analysis

We study the impact of the requirement on the existing application and create an Analysis Document.

Task Plan/Schedule

A plan/schedule is prepared covering all tasks including QA and Design. This is sent to the client for approval.

Design and Development

After schedule is approved by the client, we start development as per the approved plan. Code reviews are done and sent to QA.


We follow the QA process below

  • Create Test Plan based on the requirement specification
  • Create Test cases reviewed by QA Manager
  • Test on Staging Environment
  • Test Report with developers to clear bugs
  • Retesting done until all issues are closed
  • Only after QA clears the release, link sent to client for UAT
  • Smoke testing is done on LIVE release and final report is sent to client

Client Review

Client reviews the release on UAT; we work closely with the client to ensure that every release goes as per plan and as per expectations.



Increasing number of subscriptions to the site, more traffic because of implementation of improved SEO techniques and no website downtime due to planned releases which involves coordination with all stakeholders.



ProductionBase seamlessly smooth journey was made possible by a team from Wisdomleaf working closely with business stakeholders.

PayPal payment gateway integration helps to increase the paid members.