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Oracle Database Support

Our team of Certified Oracle Database Professionals have been providing Database Administration and support since 2001. We manage support to Development, Staging and Production databases.

Areas of Expertise

  • High Availability Solutions
  • Scalability Solutions
  • Setup Backup Strategies & Integrity Testing
  • Database and Application Performance Tuning
  • Capacity Planning

In addition to the above we have been involved in hundreds of installations, upgrades and migrations over the years.

Setup and Maintenance of High Availability Solution

We have recommended and implemented High Availability solutions based on the Oracle Edition, Hardware availability and requirement for disaster recovery. We have setup Standby servers and Databases to ensure zero data loss in the event of any failure. Changes can be transmitted from the Primary database to Standby database in a synchronous manner – enabling zero data loss, or in an asynchronous manner – minimizing any potential performance impact on the production system. This technology also provides an automated framework to switch over to the standby system in the event of a disaster or a hardware/data corruption on the production site, or even during planned maintenance.

Scalabiity Solutions – Real Application Clusters (RAC) setup , upgrades and migrations

To ensure that the Database servers are able to cope with increase in number of visitors and have no impact on performance, we have recommended and set up Scalability Solutions using RAC. We migrated the databases to new servers and converted them to RAC with two nodes in cluster. This has reduced the scheduled and unscheduled downtimes and there is better resource utilization.

We are handling RAC maintenance tasks which include checking of CRS Status, maintaining cluster settings, node configuration and maintaining votedisks , OCR devices & files.

Backup Strategies and Integrity Testing

Backup and recovery is one of the most important aspects of database administration. If a database crashes and there was no way to recover it, the devastating results to a business could include lost data, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Whether companies operate a single database or multiple databases storing hundreds of terabytes of data, they share one common factor – the need to back up important data and protect themselves from disaster by developing a backup strategies and recovery plans. Whenever a databases is setup, we prepare optimal Backup strategies that is shared with the IT Support team for implementation. Backup Integrity testing is done on a regular basis in coordination with the Support team.

Database and Application Performance Tuning

The DBA team work in sync with the Application Development team to help them with tuning of queries. They also proactively studying the AWR reports to identify expensive queries that cause an impact on the server resources like I/O and CPU. These queries are then shared with the Development teams so they can be optimized.

Regular Database maintenance tasks are done on a regular basis to ensure that databases perform at optimal levels. Some of these involve regular rebuilding of indexes, table de-fragmentation etc. We use customized and standard monitoring tools to constantly monitor the databases for any performance issues. Constantly proactively monitor site responses and coordinate with the IT Operations Team to identify potential causes of failure. The DBA team also provides information to the development team on unusable indexes, disabled triggers , broken jobs etc.

To ensure no issues during peak hours , automated Comprehensive Daily Database Health Checks are done . Issues are addressed before start of business hours.

Capacity Planning

We handle Capacity Planning for Databases by studying the existing growth of objects in the databases and gathering information on the anticipated growth rate. Based on the disk free space availability the DBA team sends the server hardware requirement details (like storage) in advance to the IT Support team so they can plan accordingly.

SQL Server Database Support

Our Team of Certified Database Professionals have been successfully providing support to Development, UAT and Production databases by utilizing advance monitoring techniques in cloud infrastructure at super affordable cost.

Wisdom leaf provides best-in-class Database Support of Microsoft SQL Server databases on the cloud infrastructure that includes AWS and Rackspace.

We have wide experience in supporting different versions of SQL Server, starting from SQL Server 7 to 2014 versions, We recommend compatible and relevant infrastructure/hardware as per client requirement.

Migration assistance are given to different environment and versions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Performance Tuning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database and Server resource Management.
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Backup Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery

Performance Tuning

Regular maintenance tasks are done to ensure that databases perform at optimal levels.

Some of the tasks include:-

  • Optimizing and creating relevant indexes on a regular basis,
  • Tables de-fragmentation,
  • Query optimization and execution
  • Checking queries and statistics using Profiler, DTA.
  • Monitoring Server and Database resources.- we use Customized and Standard Monitoring tools to constantly monitor the databases for any performance issues.
  • We constantly monitor site responses and coordinate with the IT Operations Team to identify potential causes of failure.
  • Monitoring Server and Database resource utilization levels.
  • Monitor SQL and Event logs.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is done by monitoring daily, weekly, monthly database and drive growth forecast. These forecasts are done by manual monitoring and checking daily Database File and Drive space reports.

High Availability Solutions

The different High Availability Solutions offered with different versions of SQL Server are:-

  • “Always On” Failover Cluster Instances
  • “Always On” Availability Groups
  • Database mirroring
  • Log shipping
  • Replication.

Backup Strategies

  • We have expertise in managing backups and prepare optimal backup strategies to enable our clients to recover up to the point of failure.
  • Backup Integrity testing is done on a regular basis.
  • We use 3rd party tools to encrypt the backups and move to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

We have experience of recovering the Database and Server environment from scratch in the event of any disaster. Weekly and Monthly DR tests are performed on SQL Server to ensure reliability of the backups, check RTO(Recovery Time objective) . Regular integrity checks are done to make sure that the backup sets are valid.

Application Support

We have been providing 24/7 application support since 2007. We have a dedicated Team of Database Professionals who can handle tight SLA schedules.

We have built a customized alerting tool that has been configured to send alerts from Applications to reach Cell phones.

We also have a custom built tool to archive information about alerts and their resolution. This information is useful for issue resolution if the same issue occurs again.

Along with Database Support, we offer 1st Level 24/7 application support to clients.

The different task includes:-

  • Support Development Teams with new releases .
  • Support Development Team for any DML activity as all updates to the databases are done by the Support team.
  • Applications are monitored using monitoring tools with tight response time as defined in the SLA.

DBA Sample Reports

Comprehensive reports on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis. Some of the basic reports cover the following
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DBA Sample Graphs

Using graphical method is always easy and it provides better understanding of complex results. Some of the graphs those we
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Service Packages

Attended Support, Emergency Phone Support, Basic Database Health Checks, Space Monitoring
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Support Options
  • 8 Hour Database Support
  • 24/7 Dedicated Database Support
  • One Time Projects

8 hour Dedicated Database Support

  • 8 hour Dedicated Database Support by an Oracle Certified Professional.
  • Frequent monitoring of alert logs and trace files and resolving the problems encountered.
  • Automating of daily routine activities and monitoring the health of databases.
  • Restoration exercise will be conducted once in six months.
  • Proactive Performance Monitoring & Tuning.
  • Managing Backups and Regular Backup Integrity Testing to make sure the backups are valid.
  • Capacity Planning for Database Servers.
  • Applying security and interim patches whenever required.

24/7 Dedicated Database Support

  • 24/7 Dedicated Database Support by an Oracle Certified Professional.
  • Complete emergency support for production database outages, regardless of the time required resolving the problem.
  • Frequent monitoring of alert logs and trace files and resolving the problems encountered.
  • Analyzing the database performance at peak hours and resolving the bottlenecks using tools like AWR etc.
  • Automating of daily routine activities and monitoring the health of databases.
  • Restoration exercise will be conducted once in six months.
  • Implement Database password changer script to change passwords of Database accounts.
  • Implement script to automatically send pager alerts to selected users during incorrect password attempts.

One Time Projects

  • Oracle software installation and periodic upgrades to the database.
  • Initial Oracle database system configuration and tuning.
  • Database Reorganization and Migration
  • Design and Implement Backup Strategies, Designing and Implementing High Availability Solutions
  • Set up and maintain Data Warehouses
  • Can set up customized alerting systems to send alerts on Database related issues to Pagers and Cell phones.

"Many thanks for your invaluable help. The faultless upgrade of the live database last weekend was yet another example of the great work we enjoy from Wisdomleaf. I am also very grateful for your flexibility and responsiveness to requests made at short notice and for your commitment to getting the job done and keeping our systems in good shape."

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